The desired truth and nothing but the desired truth

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In earlier blogs, BOSS/buddy Piet described how we live in a matrix in which the truth differs for everyone.

"After all, man is always searching for his own truth or is planted in a world with its own truth. When we discover the truth, is it really the truth we want? Or is it the interpreted truth in our world of experience."

This works through the whole society and we also see this in autonomous people who believe that the truth is accepted by individuals in society. For example, a group of autonomous individuals thought that they could obtain justice through Common Law and decided to go to Court to demand their Birth Trust being payed to them.

That is rather strange. First of all, as an autonomous living (wo)man of flesh, blood and Spirit you have stated that you want to be autonomous by sending the In Private Notary Inheritance Deeds and later you want to assert through the Common Law? That is seeking justice in a world that is full of fraudulent and unlawful actions. Should you, as an autonomous living (wo)man of flesh, blood and Spirit – give an acknowledgement to this world by seeking your supposed right there?

The above mentioned lawsuit is a clear example whereby you are in fact contractually bound to this world that sees you as a slave and will certainly refuse your application. In fact, you are no longer autonomous by acting this way. The truth is influenced daily by various techniques that have been devised for this purpose.

Let us mention a few:


Framing is a powerful influencing technique that is used to give a message the desired tone. The purpose of framing is to influence our opinion on a subject in the desired direction. So it is not surprising that framing is often used in politics and in marketing and advertising. This is something that certainly happens in such an alleged court case as mentioned above. The plaintiffs are sidelined and thus framed in the desired direction of the (un)court. Framing also makes use of the following techniques.


Literally bend something to your will in any way. Steering in your own interest and making sure that everything happens the way you want it to. Creating guilt, giving insecurity and instilling fear are a few of the many tools that are used to manipulate. Of course, you package this in a specific form of language that reinforces this manipulation.

NLP technique

Neurolinguistic programming. This is sold as a method to make people think po-sitively about even sometimes negative things. Substitute your negative feelings with positive things. This is a serious form of deception and also leads to denial of reality. Positively naming negative things is, for example: “It’s nice that you had the injections against covid, now you are ill but not as bad.” While you may be suffering from any side effects.


Gaslighting is ensuring that things are twisted in such a way that the other person starts to doubt his or her sanity. A serious form of manipulation that is often used by people with narcissistic characteristics. There are certainly enough examples of this in politics. Constantly twisting and turning and often having no active memories of their statements or their dates.  The truth is violated time and again.

What is truth now? What is your truth? How do you deal with it? Truth is not a snapshot, it is a path and allows you to really live. Everyone can be involved in it, for an autonomous individual it is certainly true: let your yes be yes and your no be no. It is partly a struggle, but when you walk in the light of the truth you will not stumble.

I would like to walk my life as described in Psalm 25 vs 5:

“Lead me in thy truth and teach me, for thou art the God of my salvation, In thee I will wait all the day.

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  1. Kaye Bewley

    This is interesting. I’ve also watched a youtube video called ‘The Golden Web’ in three parts (all about 2.5-3 hours each). They say much the same thing, and breaks down how language has been used to fool us all into the captured state of mind we find ourselves in.
    I am guilty of following the Common Law. I did so before this CV stuff began because it was the only way I could find that made any logical sense of the mess we were being herded into. Thankfully, though the Common Law is understandably simple and available, I’ve learned to open my eyes wider and have taken into consideration other avenues too.
    Thank you for this article.


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