Slovak Membership | Donation for 1 year

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148,00 / year

Slovak Membership | Donation for 1 year

Join the evergrowing BOSS/MAKER community with a membership. Obtain the membership by making a donation of €149,- per year. That is little less then €12,50 per month.

The membership consists off:

  • 24/7 acces to the BOSS/MAKER app, where you will find the online community,
  • Access to In Private Notary Deeds for Birth Trust Inheritance Trust Settlement
  • Courses, webinars and workgroups
  • Access to your In Private Diplomatic Passport
  • Private Chat with like-minded worldwide members
  • Professional support by our multilingual BOSS/Buddy experts
  • Essential tools and information in your mailbox
  • Access to individual consults, guidance and many more members only benefits!

Additional information

Online membership

The membership is online and is connected to your email address, please enter your correct e-mail address when ordering.

Important notice

The membership is non refundable and individual. The membership cannot be shared


This membership is completely in English. For other languages please view other memberships.


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