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At BOSS/MAKER, I help individuals from Luxembourg to regain their Birth Right Autonomy. And live an independent life in abundance.

My mission is to educate and help individuals all over the world with the transition to become autonomous. I do this with the instruments that are developed by BOSS/MAKER to help you and many more.

Many ask me: “David, “Regain your birth right autonomy”, what does it mean?”

Let me try to explain this in a nutshell:

Right when you were born, your name was swapped with your placenta. And as strange as it sounds, this fraud is everyday reality.

Identity fraud, yes.

Whenever institutions write to you, fine you, tax you, order you, bully you.. They do not address you, but your placenta.

So I ask you, should you response if they write to someone else?

Right when you were born, your footprint and a drip of blood were taken. Your name was written on a Birth Certificate and send to the authorities.

However, not just your Christian (or given) names were written down, also your surname. And according to old canon laws, you were declared DEAD and LOST AT SEA.

But you are not DEAD and LOST AT SEA, obviously. You are (very) alive! A living (wo)man of flesh, blood and Spirit.

The reason you were declared dead and lost at sea, was simple: it’s all about the money. After all, if you do not legally exist anymore as a living (wo)man of flesh, blood and Spirit, the powers that be can do anything they want with you.

And that’s exactly what they are doing!

  • You are not your legal name;
  • Your legal name is traded on the stock exchange;
  • A valuable Birth Trust has been established on your legal name;
  • You do not have access to the enormous wealth that’s inside your Birth Trust Estate;
  • You have no rights and are declared DEAD and LOST AT SEA.

Now you know: you are not your legal name. You are a free and independent living (wo)man of flesh, blood and Spirit. But that’s not, who the powers that be want you to be.

I have found that BOSS/MAKER can help you to regain your Birth Right autonomy. At least that is what I experienced.

Also many people ask me: “David, what will happen if I do nothing and let it continue?”

Well.. the story continues.. and it does not look nice at all. The answer to that question is given by the powers that be themselves: “In 2030 you will own nothing”.

The (not so) Great Reset promoted by our governments is not ‘just’ the unprecedented biggest economic, social and financial reset of our world.

It is foremost the final stage of the Birth Certificate fraud preventing you to execute your unalienable birth right as a free independent living (wo)man of flesh, blood and Spirit enjoying freely all natural resources.

We are in the final stages of a worldwide social, economic and financial reset with huge implications for you, your family and your business.

Can you see the need to protect yourself against the further crumbling of your individual rights and the unprecedented wealth transfer away from you?

Do you allow your perspective on the world to be determined solely by what is put to you in mainstream media? Or are you willing to draw your own conclusions? And look for solutions?

How to benefit from BOSS/MAKER

So what is BOSS/MAKER and how can you benefit?

Join me at BOSS/MAKER today and regain your birth right autonomy in simple, effective ways:

Way 1

BOSS/MAKER has the world’s first and most comprehensive Cestui Que Vie Private Wealth knowledge platform on autonomy, wealth preservation, food, energy, trade, community and safety!

Way 2

Use the unique In Private Notary Deeds to declare yourself a living (wo)man of flesh, blood and Spirit.

Way 3

BOSS/MAKER is an international organization. However you get professional assistance in your own language by me, your BOSS/buddy. 

Way 4

Be part of the online community of thousands of successful autonomous individuals, who, just like you, want to live in freedom, peace and abundance.

Way 5

Apply for your very own individual Diplomatic Passport stating your new status as an autonomous living (wo)man of flesh, blood and Spirit.

And you will even find much more value added in your BOSS/MAKER membership!

A place for the autonomous

Join the evergrowing BOSS/community with me

Let us help you by aligning the inner and outer worlds. Rather than being trapped in a service to self vs service to others dilemma, you can be of service to all. We guide you to become free from the financial, social and psychological domination.

Active members from over

20 countries


autonomous members and counting

Let’s build a community together

The BOSS/MAKER community is for the ambitious…

Being autonomous and independent is what is needed most at his time. Stand up for yourself and do not let anyone control you. You have the power in your own hands and have simply forgotten how to use it.

Help yourself first and accept who you are and you will start to see changes in your own reality. Many resist change because they want to stay in their Comfort zone. Sometimes unpleasant situations arise where we are forced to take action and get out of trouble as best we can. There is a purpose behind everything you cal problems or challenges.The purpose is growth and it is only painfull if you resist it.

BOSS/MAKER gives you a huge advantage with information that no high-end consultant will be able to provide you. We have proven to be ahead of mainstream media for at least 1 to 2 years.

Due to the partnership with The World Heritage Trust, BOSS/MAKER has a strong, if not the best, international team of online open source experts, researchers, analysts and professionals.

Our shared long time mission is to repatriate worldwide captured individual Cestui Que Vie LLC Birthright Trust Inheritance Estates and settles them to Trust Settlement.

BOSS/MAKER is the official partner of The World Heritage Trust.

First hand experiences

What our members say

This is a perfect platform. You are the best people who make it all possible. Even without having knowledge, it’s easy to follow the steps for anyone who takes the time to read carefully. Thanks for that!

Tjisse from the Netherlands

I have just realized that being autonomous is a process of awareness. I now understand why it is so important to take the step. Not only energetically but also very practically I am really busy with my whole family and my company to change course.

Caroline from Switzerland

The entire BOSS/MAKER team is exceptionally creative and comes up with solid solutions. I am happy to be a part of it.

Vladimir from Slovakia

Compliments on your explanation of the differences between fiction and living (wo)man; it has become so clear to me now. Again, congratulations for all the hard work you do.

Michael from the United States

Thanks to BOSSMAKER we are where we are today. Super-autonomous, self-sufficient and empowered through the events, gatherings, documents but also just in an individual way, propagating that people have to take care of themselves. Following your mantras. Thank you, we are blessed that God has put you on our path. We bless you for the beautiful people you are and we pray for prosperity for you.

Regina from the Netherlands