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I have taken note of the smear campaign with complete nonsense published on the internet about BOSS/MAKER. Imaginative. That’s for sure. Recklessly facts are turned over to the truth and inaccuracies, gossip and backbiting are spread about BOSS/MAKER. Apparently with no other purpose than to damage BOSS/MAKER and even individual team members of BOSS/MAKER by name.

I regret and strongly disapprove of this.

After all, a true autonomist is private, not public. “One shall not be subjected to arbotrary interference with One’s privacy, family, home or correspondence, not to attack upon One’s honour and reputation”. Nevertheless, even employees of BOSS/MAKER are mentioned by name and even ap-proached and threatened in private. This is of course not acceptable.

What happened?

At the end of October, a former cooperation partner suddenly presented BOSS/MAKER with a fait accompli (against all current agreements): as of 1 November, the commission scheme agreed in April was to be scrapped and €70,000 was to be paid every six months. The argument put forward was that BOSS/MAKER ‘was not transparent in its payments and commission arrangements’.

That, of course, was nonsense.

The aim was to put more money in the banking account of our former cooperation partner. The fact that BOSS/MAKER opposed this immense price increase speaks for itself: after all, the money has to come from the members.

TEAM BOSS/MAKER does not recognise the criticism and therefore distances itself from the statements of our former cooperation partner. BOSS/MAKER has demonstrably met all its obligations.

Following fact

BOSS/MAKER informed our former cooperation partner that it was unable to meet its com-pletely unreasonable financial demands, and unfortunately felt compelled to terminate its cooperation on 1 November. “We have tried on all sides to maintain the cooperation by coming up with alternative solu-tions, but these were not accepted by the aforementioned parties,” said BOSS/MAKER.

BOSS/MAKER: “We wanted to steer the end of our cooperation in the right direction by giv-ing our former cooperation partner the opportunity to inspect our exit strategy and press release in advance and to provide comments/feedback. However, no use was made of this opportunity.”

Positive forwards

TEAM BOSS/MAKER does not feel the need to comment on the published inaccuracies, gos-sip and backbiting. The only thing we wish to state in public is that we have always found our cooperation to be pleasant, intense and constructive.

Therefore, the whole TEAM BOSS/MAKER – motivated people who have worked so hard and invested so much – finds this sudden change in attitude, behaviour and communication by our former cooperation partner extremely disappointing.


We therefore sincerely wonder in whom or what exactly we have put our trust.


Our former cooperation partner has now received a financial claim from BOSS/MAKER for the formats, logos, URLs, materials, video productions, designs, services and products includ-ing photos, banners, documents, passport, flag and embassy sign developed and paid for by BOSS/MAKER, which our former cooperation partner used improperly for its own purposes. Even the logo was paid for by BOSS/MAKER and therefore may not be used without permis-sion.

Business as usual: Be your own BOSS!

The events of the past week have made us realise that self-governance and autonomy cannot be taken for granted. That we all need to do our best to learn to live autonomously, not to judge, slander or speak ill. To take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions.

THE BOSS/MAKER credo “Be your own BOSS” has never been put to the test like this.

Renewal and expansion

The innovative knowledge-rich BOSS/MAKER team is working hard on the renewed BOSS/MAKER: with additional valuable pathways, documents, services and products on all our mantras. So yes – also in the field of the CQV LLC Birth Control.

TEAM BOSS/MAKER is very positively surprised by the many and warm expressions of sup-port, they do us enormous good!

Thank you very much.

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