Together we are stronger

Let’s co-create the best future for you, your family and your business.

As top international board room consultants, we find the old world does not serve us anymore. We simply cannot relate to it any longer. With the real (hidden) board room agendas in mind, we decided years ago to join forces and help small business owners and their families to make sense of what is happening in their work and private lives and anticipate of what is coming.
We now have a proven track record of being ahead of the game.

Meanwhile, our group of enthusiastic and driven experts has grown exponentially and thousands of individuals like you have joined our cause. We like you to see the bigger picture. Give you access to enormous open-source intelligence; information and solutions compiled by an international army of online soldiers and the best open source intelligence strategists and financial and legal professionals in the world.

We believe in you and a happy world with strong, smart, free and autonomous living individuals.
With every new member that world is getting closer and closer.

A new way of introducing ourselves

Meet the BOSS/team



Trouble shooter; busy endorsing all of us into a happy autonomous life.

CEO & Founder


Analysis and research: brilliant strategies to reach independence and truth

Strategic analyst & Founder


Teamleader supporting you with knowledge and expertise

Head of BOSS/buddies


Member support: involved, friendly, decisive.  

Member support


Be good and tell it. Online Marketing.

Marketing & Communication


Precision quality control and massive output.

Creative all-rounder


Fast and professional documents realization

Graphic designer


A picture says more then 1000 words”; videos, photo’s.


The face behind BOSS/MAKER

Meet Ronald

Ronald is Private, he is the Sole Per Stirpes Heir to his CQV LLC Birth Trust Inheritance. Ronald has a global career as a Marketing & PR executive director and is the world’s first marketeer to help business owners to strive and thrive through the unprecedented paradigm shift living autonomous as a Living Man.
Ronald studied law, started his career working as a journalist and presenter for public radio & television, then became a Director of Communications for national and EU governmental institutions and an Advisory Board consultant for international CEO’s.

Q | What is your motivation in life?

A| Can’t bear injustice. We are all one, children of our Creator. Let’s be faithful, do good, take responsibility over our own lives, and smile.
Life is a journey, and we are the master of our own script. Halleluja!

Q | How does BOSS/MAKER help their members?

A| By making them autonomous. Providing them with insights, solutions and the support to execute it. It’s a process of awareness!

Our strategic genius and founder

Martins story

Martin is wide considered one of the world’s top open source analysts. He writes and publishes articles, essays and even a book that reached more than a quarter of a million hits – along with 100+ other articles on the current unprecedented global paradigm shift.
Martin studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Oxford University and is an author, writer, speaker, telecom expert and Advisory Board consultant. As BOSS/MAKER, Martin helps senior executives to make sense of what is happening and anticipate what is coming.


Q | Where comes the inspiration for your strategic analysis?

A| It’s my profession. I am an Oxford scientist. And it’s in my character to investigate, read, analyse, fact-check.
This brings you to see truths. Not always pleasant. De-platformed a lot. However, unstoppable.  

A place for the autonomous

Join the evergrowing BOSS/community

Let us help you by aligning the inner and outer worlds. Rather than being trapped in a service to self vs service to others dilemma, you can be of service to all. We guide you to become free from the financial, social and psychological domination.


language database

Active members from over

20 countries


autonomous members and counting

In the comfort of your home

Meet our BOSS/Buddies



Head of BOSS/Buddies

From the Netherlands
Speaks Dutch and English


Top Expert. Answers online all your CQV questions and how to fill inn your CQV LLC Private Notary Inheritance Deeds.

Picture of group coaching


Senior BOSS/Buddy

From Luxembourg
Speaks French and English


Answers online all your document questions and how to fill inn your CQV LLC Private Notary Inheritance Deeds.

Picture of group coaching


Senior BOSS/Buddy

From Slovakia
Speaks Czech and Slovak


Answers online all your document questions and how to fill inn your CQV LLC Private Notary Inheritance Deeds.

Be the change you want to see in the world

Become a  BOSS/buddy and help others

In a very short time, we have attracted worldwide attention. From America to New Zealand, from Slovakia to Hong Kong. We are based in the Netherlands, and develop all kinds of things mainly from there.

Now we need help to translate this to many different nationalities and languages. And this is where you can help. We are looking for BOSS/buddies to guide and develop the BOSS/MAKER community in your native language. Of course you will be supported and compensated by us.
Are you interested? Then apply to become a BOSS/buddy and let’s get in touch.