A real autonomous (wo)man stands!

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Autonomy brings many changes for each of us. We know that by being autonomous, we be-come more independent. We have to think, evaluate and change things in many facets of our lives. Think of our mantras food, energy, wealth, commerce, education, autonomy and com-munity.

By stating that we want to become autonomous, we are indicating that we want ownership over our live and we are taking it. In addition, placing responsibility with oneself is a logical and essential consequence of becoming autonomous.

Besides the fact that a lot is changing in our lives, a lot is happening in society, in the commu-nity and in the world. A remarkable phenomenon is that the boundaries between what is real and what is fiction are becoming quite blurred. In fact, we see that some individuals manifest themselves in the fiction and start to behave accordingly. Individuals who we all thought were the epitome of autonomy, behave and act in every possible way, except the way an autonomous person should behave and act.

A real autonomous (wo)man stands!

Upright. Proud. Standing.

Everything that an autonomous (wo)man finds important, he or she stands for.
And does not hide behind fiction.

In a few cases, there is a naming of the autonomous, for example a pseudonym. In the case of a pseudonym, the original name is known and the person also recognises his pseudonym. However, if the pseudonym starts to lead a life of its own and often does not make itself known and pretends to be something other than who that person is, one speaks of an alter ego, a fictional phenomenon.
This fiction is not a living (wo)man of flesh, blood and Spirit because the fiction (the ‘per-son’) does not identify with it.

How can this situation arise?

It can happen if there is a built-up popularity around the alter ego, something the person behind the fiction would never have managed. In fact, this makes the fiction responsible for the actions of the alter ego and the person be-hind the fiction can hide and therefore never take ownership. Often, the individual or indi-viduals behind it are not even known.

An alter ego can express things with impunity, after all, holding a fictitious appearance re-sponsible is difficult, to say the least. Even if the individual acting on behalf of the fiction is discovered, denial will prevail.

Deception, exclusion and threats from an ivory tower.

A fiction posing as a human being is in fact an occult matter, because it is misleading, for ex-ample a man posing as a woman or vice versa.

Who is one dealing with?

The deceiver is speaking. The alter ego lives in its own world of values created by the fiction. Others who do not move in this world are excluded and rejected. This becomes worse when an alter ego pretends to be the creator of those values. After all, this alter ego elevates him-self to an ivory tower and the followers are followers and certainly not of the same level as the fiction. Of course, we have enough examples in history where followers are mercilessly dealt with and later drop out.

The same behaviour is seen mainly in cult leaders or political fictions. Under a guise of “shared” values, people are manipulated and end up in trouble if they do not fully comply with the values and demands of the fiction.

A form of serious deception, deceit and manipulative behaviour is common in such cases, applied in such a way by the fiction that it aims to mentally disorient the “opponent”. Reality is flatly denied, twisted or previously made statements are contradicted. We call this gas-lighting.

In the process, opponents (the evildoers in the eyes of the fiction) are often depicted as be-ing apostates, evil-doers, followers of freemasonry, lucifer or other violent cries. Fighting them is pointless and you get caught in the web of manipulation. The fiction turns things around and you will become an obsession for the fiction, constantly being mentioned and blackened.

The origin of this kind of acting is already mentioned in the Bible: 2 Cor 11-14:

“And no wonder, for Satan himself pretends to be an angel of light.
15: It is therefore no special thing if his servants also pretend to be servants of righteousness.”

Their end will be according to their works.

In repelling the adversaries, one usually brings on a guilt complex. To get rid of that, you either have to place yourself under the fictional (misplaced) authority again, which is then imposed by the fiction OR (and that is the only way) stay far away from this fiction.

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